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Shabab: The word meaning pinnacle or prime has its origins in Arabic and Persian. Often used to describe the youthful femininity at its very best.

Shabab Restaurants came on the scene in the 1973, the heady days of the red flock wall paper and prevalent culture of a late night vindaloo melt down. Catering for the discerning diners who were on the look out for a dining experience combining authentic food, exotic surroundings and the very best eastern hospitality.

"Fine Food, Fantastic Surroundings"

Busy night at Shabab

Over the last thirty three years our richly decorated, authentic interiors and a range of mouth watering freshly prepared recipes have made us stand out from the ever increasing crowd of so called Indian eateries that look and taste the same.

Our a-la-carte menu has continuously evolved over the years. with an emphasis on remaining authentic and close to the way meals are prepared in typical Asian domestic kitchens. We use the very best ingredients from local suppliers and do not use any artificial colourings or ready made pastes.

"Amazing food, friendly staff"

Share an intimate evening with Shabab

At Shabab we have an extensive a-la-carte menu catering for all tastes. A selection of set price meals to suit most budgets.

Complete your stay in Leeds by visiting Shabab.

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Shabab Restaurant
1 Bishopgate Street
Tel: 0113 242 7012
Email. info@shabab.uk.com